Hello world!

Welcome to Seniors Helping Seniors®.

We are so happy to be here in Middle Tn for those who need and want us!

There is a forgotten workforce in our community; young able-bodied seniors over the age of 50. We find them working in fast-food industries alongside teenagers and as Walmart greeters.  We also have an increasing segment of society that is aging at a rapid rate; 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. Currently, nearly 20% of the population of Middle TN are over the age of 65. This means services and support are critical for many older adults in our communities.  Many of these adults are looking to contribute meaningfully to their towns. Whether needing assistance or a paid caregiver, we put people together to become lifetime friends. After actively serving in the military for a combined 32 years, we just want to continue to serve our community.  We encourage those who are able, to be of service and find the reward you gain from giving of yourselves.

Our mission is to improve the dignity and quality of life for both of these senior citizens by matching those that need help with those that want to help.  It’s a win/win relationship and both parties benefit. 

Curtis & Kelly Stephenson